Lester E. Fisher, DMV

Director Emeritus
Lincoln Park Zoo
Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Lester E. Fisher was hired as Lincoln Park zoo’s first veterinarian in 1947 working under the directorship of the famous Marlin Perkins. Perkins became a friend and the two worked well together. Each respecting the others talents and role.

In 1962 Marlin left to go to St. Louis, Lester was named director, beginning a 30-year tenure that transformed the zoo. Dr. Fisher introduced a new emphasis on education and conservation while remaking zoo grounds to meet modern expectations for animal comfort and care. He had a fondness for gorillas and created the finest collection of endangered great apes in the world. Lincoln Park has the largest collection of gorillas in the world. And a milestone 20 gorillas have been born in the Great Ape House, in addition to nearly as many chimpanzees and six orangutans. Dr. Fisher retired in 1992.